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In our New Energy Initiative, any kind of activity is defined as new energy, as long as it is contributing to replace the fossil fuel use and reduce carbon dioxide emission without suppressing economic growth. In this sense, the new energy can be classified into three categories, namely new energy systems (Shin-Ene), energy saving technologies (Shou-Ene), and reducing ways of energy use (Gen-Ene). Although the idea is to be deepened through the discussion in SEE Forum, followings show the some examples for each category: 1) As to the Shin-Ene, all kinds of renewable energies should be commonly developed. 2) Relating to the Shou-Ene, the efficiency improvements in every energy use and system are to be included, such as energy efficient vehicles, houses, transporting systems. 3) Gen-Ene is related to rather socio-economical approaches to achieve the reduction of energy use, through regal or social rules, IT introduction, and so on. For each category, lots of scientific and technological innovations are expected in future, which can be the common targets of academic society in Asian countries.

In order to promote “New Energy Initiatives”, bilateral and multilateral research collaboration among SEE Forum has been facilitating through introducing the concept of Network of Excellences (NOEs) since 3rd SEE Forum in 2007. At each SEE Forum meeting, the NOE roundtable meeting for each NOE group is organized to discuss and elaborate further collaboration multilaterally as well as interdisciplinary.

Currently, 8 NOEs have been established as following:

  • NOE of Solar-energy
  • NOE of Bio-energy and Biofuels
  • NOE of Clean Coal Technology
  • NOE of Secondary Energy
  • NOE of Energy Efficiency
  • NOE of Energy and Environment Policy
  • NOE of Rural Energy System
  • NOE of Sustainable Land use for Energy System