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10th SEE meeting

The 10th SEE Forum meeting and the first international conference eon sustainable future energy has been held successfully, thanks to Prof. Tan Kha Sheng, Prof. Jimmy and Prof. Lim Chee Ming.
The conference has attracted in more than 90 participants around the globe and the SEE meeting itself has resulted an initial agreement such as:
1. discussion on the design and development of the SEE Forum structure
2. next 11th SEE meeting which will be held in Manila on 4-6th December 2013

as well as various achievement amongst SEE Forum member activities such as:
1. AUN SEED net
2. SATREPS India and Japan
3. Submission on SATREPS between Thailand and Japan
4. JSPS young researcher

The concept proposal and pictures of the activities can be found in the attachment below

see_forum_and_beyond.pdf1.62 MB
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see_3.jpg96.65 KB
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