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About Us



Sustainable Energy and Environment Forum (SEE Forum) is an Asia-Pacific academic and science and technological forum that brings forward the dialogue on global climate and energy security issues of common concern.

In 2006 at the side-meeting 2 along with 2nd Sustainable Energy and Environment Conference in Bangkok, 18 delegates from 8 Asia-Pacific counties signed the SEE 2006 Expression of Intent on New Energy Initiative. This intent calls for the networking or “SEE Forum” among Asian academic and science and technological communities in an effort to contribute to the New Energy Initiative. This forum recognized that the technical, social, economic, and environmental challenges of global warming as well as the New Energy Initiative are the most principal issues for sustainable development and the future of our planet.

Also it concerned that the dramatic increase in the demand for new energy resources and services in many economies, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where rapid economic growth in recent years, and a pressing need for these economies to accelerate the development of and the transition to more efficient and renewable energy systems. In relation to the above concerns, it recognized also that not only development and innovative application of relevant technologies, but also robust policies, and sound regulatory and financing frameworks that will attract investors while ensuring reliable and affordable new energy services to consumers.

It acknowledged that the nature of global warming calls for the widest possible cooperation and participation in an effective and appropriate international response, and recognizing SEE partners have a crucial role in shaping and forging long-term policies as well as immediate actions for New Energy Initiative.


The primary objective of the SEE forum is to seek academic and science and technological cooperation that will contribute to solving the global climate and energy security issues through the New Energy Initiative.

The SEE forum members will, either individually or collectively, bring the spirit of our common understanding and resolve to the attention of relevant policy makers and other science and academic networks, at national as well as international levels. Ultimately, the goal is to provide government agencies and policy makers with the information required to make sound decisions on the global climate and energy security issues.


  • To act with resolve and urgency to meet the interrelated multiple goals of addressing global warming and energy security by contributing to the New Energy Initiative.
  • To respond to global warming through international cooperation, based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, with a view to achieving the New Energy Initiative.
  • To work together to establish the sustainable energy system in order to facilitate the achievement of the harmonious coexistence within human and ecological community on this planet.